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Roero Arneis Docg "Meo"


Monteu Roero, Roero (Piemonte)

Grape variety



Antonio Viglione

Grape Variety
Arneis grape variety has distiguished the vineyards of the Roero hills for at least six centuries. Arneis grape wines are always marked by clear citrus scents, sometimes of white fruit. This variety has a mild acidity and gives wines with good structure, long and persistent.
Roero is a small wine region in Piemonte on the right shore of the Tanaro river. The soils are mainly made up of sandstones (sedimentary rocks of marine origin), often mixed with limestone or sand; they are very rich in mineral salts. The climate is particularly dry, with little rainfall which is not retained by sandy soils. During the maturation period there are always favourable temperature ranges. In some areas the vineyards have slopes so strong that people talk about of “heroic” viticulture.
Antonio (everyone calls him Tonino) was among the first to understand the potential of this territory, founding almost 50 years ago the primitive association of winemakers, which would later give birth to the Roero Arneis Docg wine. He chose the highest slopes of the hill, characterized by sandy soils, full sunshine and with a cool climate at night. The wide temperature ranges help to maintain the fruity and fragrant hints in its wines for a long time.
Vinification and finishing
Pressing of the whole bunch, with destemming. Transfer of the must into tanks at controlled temperature follows. “White” vinification, aging in steel tanks on fine lees.
Tasting notes
Straw yellow color with golden reflections. It has a very broad aromatic profile: citrus, pineapple and Golden apple, as well as subtle notes of aromatic herbs. In the mouth it has a good structure, an evident fruity taste, a good freshness and acidity. The light almond aftertaste is long and persistent.
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