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Barbera d’Asti Docg “Cerea”


Albugnano, Monferrato (Piemonte)

Grape variety



Andrea Binello



Grape Variety
Barbera is the most cultivated grape variety in Piemonte. It transmits decisive hints of red fruit to the wines, which can vary greatly in hue, depending on the soil, maturation and winemaking techniques. Barbera wines are characterized by easy drinkability and a marked acidity. The hand of the man (uomo), in the cultivation in the vineyard and in the cellar, determines the final characteristics of the Barbera wines.
Soils are quite varied on the surface, but all rest on a layer of Miocene marl (a variety of crumbling white tuff). The vineyards in the Albugnano area are characterized by a high average altitude and a higher rainfall than the average of the nearby hills. It is a micro-climate that favors the maintenance of a good level of acidity and an important aromatic development. The vineyards of the lower part, characterized by limestone soils, are reserved to the Barbera grapes.
Binello family is engaged in a very complex agriculture: cultivation of vegetables, fruit plants (apricots, peaches and plums), breeding of thoroughbred cattle for slaughter, hospitality on farms and viticulture. In this oasis of biodiversity there is a lot of space for the cultivation of different vines. For the Binello families, the cultivation of vineyards in Barbera represents first of all the possibility of producing the wine of the peasant tradition, Barbera d’Asti Docg. This is the “table wine” that is served at the table in the restaurant inside the company.
Vinification and finishing
Traditional “red” vinification with fairly short maceration (between 7 and 8 days). Once the malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine rests for a few more months in steel vats before being bottled.
Tasting notes
The color is bright ruby, with purple reflections. Very broad aromas, with fruity notes of plum and cherry, which evolve into ethereal and delicately spiced scents. The taste is warm and harmonious, balanced by the typical acidity of Barbera wines.
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