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Vermentino di Sardegna Doc “Ala Blanca”


Janna de Mare, Alghero (Sardegna)

Grape variety



Parpinello family


Poderi Parpinello

Grape Variety
Vermentino is considered autochthonous to the regions bordering the Tyrrhenian sea: the coasts of Sardinia and Corsica as much as Tuscany and Liguria shores. It characterizes wines with a very peculiar bouquet of citrus fruits, delicate white flowers and some fragrant herbs; more rarely it develops fruity aromas. It is a grapes that conveys a lot of sapidity.
Vineyards are located in a flat area reclaimed by the marshes just 80 years ago. There is a variety of mixed soils, both calcareous and clayey, typified however by a good content of organic substance. The climate, characterized by hot and dry summers, in this plain is mitigated by the proximity of the sea and the breezes, which allow for a refreshing night.
The history of this winery stems from the transfer to the island of Sardinia of Mr. Giampaolo Parpinello as a wine consultant, now 50 years ago. Enthusiastic about the wines that can be produced by cultivating vineyards in the lands of Alghero, he has tried to enhance his professional experience by using the most modern cellar techniques to produce increasingly elegant and suitable wines for modern trends. The Parpinello family has also done a lot to recover the cultivation of ancient native varieties.
Vinification and finishing
After pressing, cold maceration for a few hours and subsequent soft pressing. Slow “white” vinification, at relatively low temperatures. Short aging in steel tanks.
Tasting notes
Straw yellow with greenish reflections. Delicate bouquet, initially floral, then fruity, with hints of yellow pulp fruit, such as peach. Wine with good structure, with moderate acidity, with a long and persistent fruity taste. Strong aftertaste of bitter almond.
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