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Venezia Giulia Igt, Ribolla Gialla


Modeano, Riviera Friulana (Friuli)

Grape variety

Ribolla Gialla


Vialetto family

Grape Variety
One of the most cultivated white grape varieties in the Friuli region. It expresses very fine and delicate perfumes, floral, sometimes citrus. It distinguishes itself by giving wines with moderate alcohol content, so much so that in the past it was used to decrease the alcohol content of other white wines. The taste always has acidity and a certain sapidity.
The Friulian riviera is the portion of land between the gravely soils of the Grave and the sandy coasts overlooking the sea, bounded between the two rivers Tagliamento and Stella. The soils have alluvial origin, thoroughly clayey and rich in organic matter. The micro-climate is influenced by sea breezes that mitigate night temperatures in summer.
The management of the farm by the Vialetto family includes the direct intervention in the vineyard to reduce the high yields that such rich soils can give. The fairly short pruning allows to have fewer bunches for each shoot, to the advantage of the aromatic profile. To produce Ribolla Gialla still wine, the winery chooses fairly long maturation times; in this way the exuberant acidity, typical of the grape, is somewhat contained.
Vinification and finishing
Vinification “in white” at controlled temperature. Aging for 6-8 months on lee, with bâtonnage.
Tasting notes
The wine is limpid, with a beautiful straw yellow color. It has very delicate, not very persistent aromas; prevalent is the scent of orange blossom and light citrus notes. Medium alcohol wine, medium structure, characterized by pronounced acidity and flavor.
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