CODE: 3010

Terre Siciliane Igt, Bianco "Babbìo"


Mazara del Vallo, Agro Mazarese (Sicilia)

Grape variety

Grillo, Zibibbo, Damaschino


Sala family

Grape Variety
This wine is mainly composed by Grillo, an ancient cross between Catarratto and Zibibbo, considered indigenous to this area of ​​Sicily. Grillo wines are generally characterized by high acidity. In western Sicily, Zibibbo and Damaschino have also been cultivated for centuries; both are grapes capable of adding fragrant notes of great interest.
The vineyards are in Mazara del Vallo (South-West of Sicily): 110 hectares of vineyards overlooking the sea with a very slight slope. The soil is limestone, of karst origin. The breezes from the sea are continuous. Due to the effect of the sea, during the ripening period there are important thermal inversions between day and night. The vineyards are located within a WWF nature reserve.
The Sala family inherited the plot, once the dowry of one of the great Marsala cellars, from their great-grandmother Dora. Michele, third generation, has maintained the prevalence of cultivation of Grillo. He supported the microclimatic characteristics, favoring plants with a north-south row direction to keep the bunches in the shade for a few hours.
Vinification and finishing
After a cold maceration, vinification “in white” separated between the three different wines. We then move on to “assemble” a single blend; the balance between the 3 different wines (from Grillo, from Zibibbo and from Damaschino) may differ according to the climatic trends of the vintage and the different levels of ripeness. Short fermentation with Martinotti method (Charmat) to obtain a natural sparkling.
Tasting notes
Pale straw color, with greenish reflections. Slight effervescence, with pétillant effect. It presents itself with delicate citrus scents mixed with hints of white peach. In the mouth the very small bubbles enhance acidity and flavor, giving an unexpected freshness.
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