CODE: 2010

Alta Langa Docg "Giulio I"


Langhe (Piemonte)

Grape variety

Pinot Noir


Bosca family

Grape Variety
Pinot Noir, of French origin, is one of the grapes that best gives finesse and elegance to wines. When it is used for sparkling wines with long fermentation in the bottle, its evolution and improvement are very slow. The rest on lees of the second fermentation for many years leads to the evolution of unexpected tertiary aromas, such as toasted hazelnut and bread crust.
“Alta Langa” is defined as the highest part of the hills in Langhe, in Piemonte, with a height of over 350 masl. In the areas of Vesime, Bubbio and Cassinasco the soils lose the special composition alchemy (marl), making them unsuitable for the cultivation of vineyards in Nebbiolo. In these mixed, calcareous-clayey soils, other grapes are grown with good results.
Bosca family has chosen to grow only Pinot Noir, to be harvested by the first half of August. They want to guarantee the good acidity necessary for the production of a sparkling wine with fermentation with Metodo classico in bottle (also known as the Champenoise method). The family winemaker also created a special liquer d’expédition that characterizes the sparkling wine with its own identity.
Vinification and finishing
Soft pressing of the grapes, “white” vinification with long fermentation at low temperature. Rest for 5 months on the fine lees with batônnage. Bottling with selected yeasts that develop a second fermentation in bottle. Finishing of the bottles in a horizontal position for at least 4 years in a natural cellar. Rémuage for the subsequent dégorgement. In the months preceding the last stages, a part of wine is moved to age into a small barrel, called caratello, which was used to age brandy. This is the liquer d’expédition for topping up.
Tasting notes
It shows a creamy foam and a fine perlage. The bubbles are persistent throughout the tasting and create a crown of fine foam in the glass. Golden yellow color, bright. Floral scents, which evolve into aromas of bread crust and finally hints of dried fruit. In the mouth, freshness and a soft, elegant flavor with a positive sapidity prevail. Long and persistent.
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