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Monferrato Doc, “il Milione”


Monferrato (Piemonte)

Grape variety

Barbera, Merlot


Bosca family



Grape Variety
Barbera is the most cultivated grape variety in Piedmont. It transmits decisive hints of red fruit to the wines, which can vary greatly in hue, depending on the soil, maturation and winemaking techniques. Barbera wines are characterized by easy drinkability and a marked acidity. Merlot is able to enrich this blend of other fruity notes, typically ripe cherries and blackberries, giving a general softness.
Vineyards are located in the area between Nizza Monferrato and San Marzano; they are characterized by layers of clay alternating with sands. These are lands capable of producing Barbera wines with a great structure. The area has a very hot climate which predisposes to obtain wines with a generally high alcohol content.
Bosca family has been cultivating grapes for 7 generations. In the vineyards of Donna Rachele Torlasco they grow red grapes vines: Barbera and Dolcetto. The desire to produce red wines to be offered to an international public has led to the subsequent choice of cultivating also Merlot, able to give widely fruity wines, but softer than those obtained by Barbera alone.
Vinification and finishing
Vinification “in red” with temperature-controlled maceration. Racking and subsequent malolactic fermentation. Aging for a few months in barriques.
Tasting notes
Intense ruby red with purple reflections. Wine with a large fruity bouquet, with hints of raspberries and cherry. Very structured, it is soft and velvety in the mouth, with a long aftertaste that recalls currants and plums.
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