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Chianti Docg, sottozona Montalbano


Montalbano, Chianti (Toscana)

Grape variety



Pierazzuoli family


Tenuta Cantagallo

Grape Variety
Sangiovese is the most cultivated grape variety in Italy. Its typical descriptors are floral scents (iris and violet) complemented by fruity ones (cherry, black cherry and plum). Obviously the soils, the micro-climate and the cultivation techniques greatly influence the predominance of some over others. Characteristic of all Sangiovese is the marked acidity, which in some wines helps to give a lively freshness. It brings tannins, which must be tamed in winemaking and aging. Chianti Docg must be made up of at least 75% Sangiovese. The specification admits a small presence of other vines, including Canaiolo.
Chianti is the name of a wine, as well as the name of a territory rich in nature, Italian history and suggestions. It is a vast area of hills and gentle valleys in the center of Toscana, characterized by medieval towers, castles and villages that literally “made” the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Given the vastness of the area, there are lands of different geological origins. The climate is characterized by very hot summers, temperate winters and two rainy periods in early and late winter. The micro-climate of the Montalbano sub-area is deeply influenced by a large wood (tens of kilometers) which acts as a thermoregulator, creating cool night breezes. The soils of Tenuta Cantagallo are composed of galestro, a friable limestone rock, rich in minerals. The “Monvigliero” sub-area is charaterized by Sant’Agata’s marls (deep grey-bluish marls) with sandy outcrops.
The brothers Enrico and Dario deeply know the micro-climate of each side of their hills. Height, exposure to breezes and orientation of vineyards greatly influence the aromas and structure of the wines. The same vineyard is able to produce grapes with greater freshness and acidity from the lower areas of the hill and grapes with optimal phenological ripeness from the areas with the best exposure. In the Tenuta Cantagallo, this perfect alchemy is taken into account in choosing the moment of harvest.
Vinification and finishing
This Chianti from Tenuta Cantagallo is produced only with Sangiovese grapes, with a “red” vinification in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. At the end of the malolactic fermentation, the wine rests for a few more months before being bottled. Although the last few years have been very dry and hot, the vineyards of the Montalbano sub-area do not go into water stress, so the ripening of the tannins does not stop abruptly. The wines of this sub-area are soon ready, with soft and silky tannins already in the year following the harvest.
Tasting notes
Very bright ruby red wine. Fresh and elegant floral aromas of rose and violet. In the mouth it is a wine with a good structure, round, with a fruity taste and a marked freshness. The tannins are elegant and enveloping. Some savory notes are present and a fruity aftertaste is persistent. All in good balance.
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