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Verduno Doc, Pelaverga


Verduno, Langhe (Piemonte)

Grape variety

Pelaverga piccolo


Silvio Busca

Grape Variety
Pelaverga piccolo is a native grape variety present for centuries in the mixed vineyards of the hills of the Langhe region. Since, in recent decades, farmers began to vinify it in purity, Pelaverga wine has begun to be successful. It gives fruity scents and unique spicy notes, which make it immediately recognizable.
The term Langhe derives from an ancient Celtic word that expressed the concept of “stretchs of land”. In this region hills are often flanked in parallel and steep. The soils have sedimentary and marine origin, mainly calcareous. These, however, vary considerably a short distance away, sometimes including bluish tuff, other times veins of clay, or banks of sand and fossils. The climate is strongly influenced by the protection of the Alps and by the mild currents of the nearby Ligurian Sea. The presence of considerable altimetries, valleys and sun exposures generate a kaleidoscope of micro-climatic situations. The combination of different terrains and environments makes clear, as in few parts of the world, the importance of distinguishing wines through geographical sub-area mentions. The “Monvigliero” sub-area is charaterized by Sant’Agata’s marls (deep grey-bluish marls) with sandy outcrops.
Silvio strongly believes in biodiversity and participated with some winemakers of his country in the rebirth of the cultivation of the Pelaverga grape. Thanks to young producers like him, the town of Verduno is thus becoming the typical production area of this DOC wine.
Vinification and finishing
Traditional “red” vinification at controlled temperature for about 10 days, with the necessary punching down. Following the malolactic fermentation, the wine rests until the end of the following spring in thermo-regulated steel tanks.
Tasting notes
Light ruby color with purple reflections. The nose shows light notes of cherry and violets. Wine that conveys freshness, with pleasant fruity notes, kept in balance by acidity and tannins. In the mouth the spicy and fresh notes of green and white pepper develop. Long and persistent.
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