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Barbaresco, Langhe (Piemonte)

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Grape Variety
Usually cultivated in an area of ​​Piedmont and in some places at the foot of the Alps. Nebbiolo wines always have a ruby ​​color with garnet reflections, which turn into more orange tones after aging. These wines show fresh fruity notes in their youth; while over the years they often develope elegant notes of dried flowers, sometimes undergrowth. It can develop spicy, tobacco and goudron tertiary hints. Wines of constant good structure, whose tannins generally take many years to soften.
The term Langhe derives from an ancient Celtic word that expressed the concept of “stretchs of land”. In this region hills are often flanked in parallel and steep. The soils have sedimentary and marine origin, mainly calcareous. These, however, vary considerably a short distance away, sometimes including bluish tuff, other times veins of clay, or banks of sand and fossils. The climate is strongly influenced by the protection of the Alps and by the mild currents of the nearby Ligurian Sea. The presence of considerable altimetries, valleys and sun exposures generate a kaleidoscope of micro-climatic situations. Produttori del Barbaresco separately vinifies the grapes of 9 of the most important sub-areas.
In the fifties and sixties, some families had vineyard plots so small that they did not justify the investments to purchase the equipment needed for a modern winery. In 1958 Don Fiorino Marengo, then parish priest of Barbaresco, brought together nineteen farmers and founded the Produttori del Barbaresco. An extraordinary operation that allowed the members to have enough money to buy space and equipment, thus starting the vinification of their grapes. For this wine, the families have now become 54. Each of them cultivates an average of 1.85 hectares of vineyards with passion and dedication.
Vinification and finishing
Vinification “in red” in steel vats at a controlled temperature. Maceration for 30 days with pumping over. At the end of the malolactic fermentation, the refinement in the Produttori del Barbaresco cellar involves the use of large 50-hectolitre wooden barrels for at least two years. Further refinement in the bottle follows.
Tasting notes
Wine with a garnet red color, intense and brilliant. The nose has both red fruits and balsamic and spicy notes. After some oxygenation the aromatic profile broadens to include notes of tobacco and leather. Wine of great structure, warm and enveloping, with powerful tannins. Harmony and elegance in persistent aromas and long aftertaste.
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