CODE: 6105

Nizza Docg "900 Vigna Cec"


Castel Boglione, Monferrato (Piemonte)

Grape variety



Gianluca Morino

Grape Variety
Barbera is the most cultivated grape variety in Piedmont. It transmits decisive hints of red fruit to the wines, which can vary greatly in hue, depending on the soil, maturation and winemaking techniques. Barbera wines are characterized by easy drinkability and a marked acidity. It is the hand of man, in cultivation in the vineyards and in the cellar, to determine the final features of Barbera wines.
The Nizza Docg territory consists mainly of marls, sometimes associated with sands, other times associated with red alluvial clays. Great producers and the “mediators” had always kept the Barbera barrels that came from these hills separate because they are able to give wines of wines of great structure and suitable for a long aging that enhanced their elegance. A dry wind often blows from the mountains that separate Nizza from the sea. “Vigna Cec” of Gianluca Morino is a vineyard characterized by marls alternating with clays from alluvial deposits.
“Vigna Cec” is a vineyard planted in 1947 with a clonal variety of Barbera characterized by the production of medium small bunches, often sparse and with medium small grapes. In cases of diseased plants that need to be replaced, Gianluca continues to replicate cloning the same individuals of vines to keep intact the genetic identity of this vineyard. Gianluca Morino, depending on the climatic trend of the summer, intervenes on the leaves to dose light and shade to the bunches.
Vinification and finishing
Traditional “red” vinification with submerged cap, with temperature control. Aging in tonneaux for about 18 months. After bottling, further refinement of about a year.
Tasting notes
It has an intense ruby color and purple reflections. The nose initially feels a concentrate of red fruits, which however emanate freshness and a delicate spicy note. The glass, if no longer oxygenated, then offers a delicate floral evolution. In the mouth it is a well-structured wine, round and velvety, with a taste of cherries in alcohol, which closes with soft tannins on the tongue. Long fruity aftertaste that fades with floreal sensations.
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