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Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Docg


Montepulciano (Toscana)

Grape variety

Sangiovese (Prugnolo Gentile)


Natalini family

Grape Variety
Prugnolo Gentile is an ancient clonal selection of Sangiovese. The name derives from the durable hint of plum that it confers to the wine. Characteristic of all Sangiovese is the marked acidity, which in some wines contributes to giving a lively freshness. It brings tannins, which have to be tamed during winemaking and aging.
The vineyards of the Le Berne winery are located in the Montepulciano countryside, at a height of about 350 masl. The soils are composed of clay alternating with ancient Pliocene layers, rich in small stones and fossils. From these lands, are harvested grapes ready to give wines with great structure and tannins. The climate is pleasantly windy, with fresh currents that refresh the nights.
The Natalini family does not forget its peasant origin, continuing the cultivation of olive groves and arable land. It has reserved the best exposures to the vineyard, more ventilated and completely sheltered from the risk of freezing; it is among other things the hillocks where the alternation between the rich clays and the mixed component of pebbles and fossil shells is more evident. In the cellar they try to soften the tannins with a wise use of different barrels for aging.
Vinification and finishing
Vinification “in red” with spontaneous fermentation and temperature control. Very long macerations, which sometimes reach 4 weeks, with pumping over and punching down. Malolactic fermentation and aging in barrels follows; partly in barriques, partly in large barrels. Subsequent assembly after 18-20 months and further refinement in bottle.
Tasting notes
Very intense ruby ​​color wine. A large bouquet of fruity notes among which red fruits, cherry and plum. Sweet and vanilla scents. In mouth it is round, intense, but with a pleasant drinkability; soft but clear tannins. The fruity aftertaste is long and persistent.
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